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Signature Workshops

From Awareness to Action:

Nurturing a Healthy Workplace in the Face of Addiction

FULL-DAY (6-hour)



Main objective: Promote addiction awareness, prevention, and create a recovery-friendly workplace by educating, reducing stigma, and fostering psychological safety.


Participants will:


  • Discover the importance of psychological safety in creating a supportive environment for all

  • Honor trauma-informed principles

  • Discover the prevalence of substance use, misuse, and abuse in the workplace 

  • Explore the financial implications of substance misuse and emphasize the role of education and prevention in reducing costs

  • Raise awareness about the influence of advertisement, the entertainment industry, and workplace culture on shaping perceptions and behaviors related to alcohol, drug, and other addictive behaviors

  • Learn about the health risks associated with alcohol use, misuse, and abuse

  • Experience a guided meditation on Loving Kindness

  • Explore practical ways to remove barriers to seeking help  

  • Delve into various resources aimed at reducing stigma and stereotypes

  • Clarify the role of employee assistance programs in supporting employees

  • Engage in a powerful exercise imagining a workplace liberated from the grip of addiction

  • Create a written plan for a recovery-friendly/supportive workplace based on the “imagine” exercise

  • Activate your plan by taking one small action and committing to an accountability partner

  • Seal your commitment to supporting those on the spectrum of substance use disorder by taking the “Leaders' Pledge to End the Stigma”.


Cultivating Consciousness; Digital Awareness for Team Leaders

FULL-DAY (6-hour)



Main objective: Develop digital consciousness, recognize the impact of digital toxicity on employees’ well-being and productivity, and co-create a practical plan to help leaders better balance their team’s energy, and improve creativity, and engagement.


Participants will: 


  • Discover the importance of psychological safety in creating a supportive environment for all

  • Honor trauma-informed principles

  • Identify the reasons why digital well-being is imperative in today’s workplace

  • Assess their personal digital well-being

  • Discover the impact of digital demands on employees’ well-being and productivity

  • Learn about the health risks associated with excessive digital use and exposure

  • Become aware of the persuasive design strategies used in digital marketing

  • Explore the neuroscience of the brain and how these design strategies affect brain functioning and overall well-being

  • Experience a soothing Body Scan mindfulness activity 

  • Identify the four pillars of digital well-being

  • Engage in transformative reflections and discussions about personal and organizational values and how they relate to digital behavior

  • Explore practical ways to minimize disruptions and improve productivity 

  • Co-create a plan to help leaders and their teams better manage resources and energy

  • Activate their plan by taking one small action and committing to an accountability partner

  • Seal your commitment to do more to reduce digital overload and toxicity by taking the “Leaders' Pledge to End Digital Overload & Toxicity”.


Discover additional workshops choreographed to strengthen your employees’ ability to manage stress, improve engagement and productivity, and enhance interpersonal relationship qualities.

1 / The Resilient Leader: Stories, Strengths, & Action 


Main objective: Discover one’s inner strengths by embracing adversity and turning it into a catalyst for personal growth.

This event focuses on the remarkable power of resilience. Participants begin with a personal reflection on a tale of triumph over hardship while honoring trauma-informed practices. Participants explore their own narratives, revealing the unique strengths within themselves and the group as a whole. In small groups, they engage in a dynamic process of co-creating an empowering statement that encapsulates the essence of resilience.  Create an actionable plan to navigate future endeavors. The event concludes with a soothing guided meditation.

2 / Boundaries for Empowered Leadership: Cultivating Harmonious Relationships  

Main objective: Establish clear expectations, honor your values, maintain healthy relationships, and enable effective decision-making.


This event focuses on the role of boundaries in leadership. Participants begin with a personal reflection on the significance of boundaries. Through a collaborative effort, the group harnesses their collective wisdom to generate innovative approaches for setting boundaries that preserve and enhance relationships while honoring trauma-informed practices. Simultaneously, the group is encouraged to become more mindful and respectful of other people’s boundaries, fostering a harmonious and empathetic environment. This event concludes with a guided meditation specifically designed to liberate individuals from any negative emotional energy they may carry.

3 /Leading with Presence: Cultivating Present-Moment Awareness for Effective Leadership 

Main objective: Move from reactivity to creativity by cultivating greater self-awareness, enhancing mental well-being, and fostering a deeper connection with the present moment.

This event focuses on cultivating present-moment awareness. Participants are first introduced to the brief history and neuroscience of mindfulness. They learn to anchor their attention to the unfolding of the present moment, immersing themselves in the richness of the current experiences. Throughout the event, participants are guided in the simple, yet powerful self-regulation techniques of mindful breathing, labeling, and releasing wandering thoughts. These practical techniques hold immense value for individuals seeking to connect with the wonders of being fully alive in the present moment while honoring trauma-informed practices.

4 /Words Matter: Cultivating Workplace Well-being through Communication and Appreciative Inquiry

Main objective: Foster positive interactions, strengthen relationships, and enhance teamwork through effective communication and appreciative inquiry.

This event focuses on communication and appreciative inquiry. Discover the power of effective communication strategies that foster positive interactions, build strong relationships, and promote a healthy work environment. Through the lens of appreciative inquiry, participants explore the art of asking powerful questions and embracing a strengths-based approach to problem-solving. Learn techniques to actively listen, express empathy, and provide constructive feedback while honoring trauma-informed principles. Gain practical skills to enhance teamwork, collaboration, and employee engagement. Conclude with a unifying guided meditation on oneness.

Get Your CFAA-HR Certification

Do you have a passion for delivering engaging content, fostering connections, and conducting workshops for businesses, groups, or teams? Are you eager to offer valuable addiction recovery resources, education, and support to your co-workers and peers?

Take your commitment to normalizing the conversation about addiction and recovery to the next level. Become a Certified Facilitator in Addiction Awareness and have IMMEDIATE and POSITIVE IMPACT in your workplace, organization, or community.

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*Note to clients:  The information and strategies presented in these workshops are for educational and preventive purposes and should not be considered a substitute for medical, mental health, or professional advice.  These workshops are offered with the understanding that the facilitator is not providing licensed professional services.  

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